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Reprimanding an event that assaulted another beating – localities – incidents and cases

The Juvenile Misdemeanor Court in the Ras Al Khaimah Courts has ruled to reprimand a (Gulf) juvenile, and hand him over to his guardian to take care of him, following his assault on another, and the second defendant in the case was acquitted, as the papers are devoid of any evidence.

The Public Prosecution indictment stated that the defendants assaulted each other by beating each other, and ordered them to be tried in accordance with the Federal Penal Code on Juveniles.

In detail, the victim, (the first accused in the case), said that while he was with his friends in a restaurant, he saw the second accused, accompanied by five others, and asked him: “Why are you talking to our deceased friend, via WhatsApp?”

He explained that the defendant slapped him on the face, and some of the people present beat him without being able to defend himself, which led to his fall to the ground, pointing out that he had received a message via the WhatsApp application, indicating the death of one of his friends, and he responded to the message that what It is being traded a lie.

The client of the first accused, Hanan Al-Bayadh, demanded during the pleading that her client be innocent, based on the inaccuracy and reasonableness of the incident, the absence of evidence to prove the accusation’s authenticity, lying and fabricating by the second accused and his witnesses.

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She clarified that the second accused did not submit a complaint about the incident, and that there were no signs of abuse against him, and that her client was assaulted, adding that the prosecution report was based on the statements of the friends of the second accused, and her client did not know the second accused, and it is well established that the victim is young. And the second accused hit him.

The verdict stated that the second accused did not submit a medical examination form indicating the injuries he suffered as a result of the assault on him by the first accused, according to his claim.

The ruling added that the law states that if the incident is not proven, or if the law is not punishable, the court shall rule the innocence of the accused, and he shall be released if he is imprisoned for the incident, as the second accused did not present conclusive evidence that proves that the first accused committed the assault against him. Only the claim of a witness, not corroborated by any evidence.

The court ruled, after the second defendant was found guilty, in what was assigned to him to issue a reprimand, and to hand him over to his guardian to take care of him, and the first accused was acquitted of the accusation against him.

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