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Repression in Burma: “The army wanted to show that it feels invincible”, according to a researcher

In Burma, “the army wanted to make a show of force and show that it thinks itself invincible”, analysis Sunday March 28 on franceinfo Sophie Boisseau du Rocher, associate researcher at the Asia center of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI). At least 90 people died in pro-democracy protests on Saturday almost two months after the military coup.

franceinfo: The army wanted to show the demonstrators that it was inflexible?

Sophie Boisseau du Rocher: The army paraded yesterday. She wanted to make a show of strength and simply show that she thinks she is invincible. We are really in a face-to-face which is terrible, between an army which advances and which is ready to use indiscriminate violence and brutality. And on the other side, a people who, viscerally, are now united against the military.

How long can this situation last?

It can last a long time, and unfortunately we are seeing a rise in this terror. The army yesterday killed between 90 and 120 people at a minimum, according to independent media. But we can see today, and this is a new point, that there is exceptional bravery in this resistance movement, in the determination of the Burmese.

This week has been particularly important since ethnic groups like the Karen, the Shan and the Kachins have taken a stand against the junta.

Sophie Boisseau du Rocher

to franceinfo

If these enemies take up a position and attack the military positions, they will multiply the fronts and weaken the action of the army. Today we truly see an entire country facing military oppression.

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What effects can international condemnations have?

The junta does not really pay attention to it. This week, in a long speech, the army spokesman did not mention Western sanctions until after two and a half hours of speaking. This shows precisely that he attaches no importance to it. What could really exert pressure are the countries of the region, the countries of South-East Asia as the major partners of Myanmar, China but also Japan and South Korea, which have taken a firm position these latter. days saying that they unequivocally condemned the coup and that they would therefore rethink their system of cooperation with Myanmar.

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