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Representatives of nine foreign countries became laureates of the Warm Heart Initiative in 2020

By the decision of the organizing committee of the All-Russian public and state initiative “Warm Heart” in 2020, 17 representatives of Mongolia, Belarus, Czech Republic, Tajikistan, Serbia, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Armenia and Kazakhstan became laureates.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, awards ceremonies were held in the homeland of foreign laureates.

Support was provided by Rossotrudnichestvo. The awards were organized at Russian centers of science and culture abroad.

In total, eight events took place from October 2020 to February 2021. In particular, in Dushanbe, the award was received by a high school student Karimjoni Valizode, who saved two sisters who were drowning in the Vakhsh River.

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In Belarus, a student of the Novogrudok State Agrarian College Boris Piven was awarded, who rescued a drowning elderly woman from the icy water of Lake Molodezhnoye.

Earlier, reported that a student in the Pskov region, Ivan Stepanov, was awarded a diploma and a sign of the Warm Heart Foundation for saving a six-year-old boy who fell into the water and got into a whirlpool.

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