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Reporters Without Borders files a complaint against Facebook, “the biggest purveyor of conspiratorial content”

“Facebook has been the biggest purveyor of conspiratorial content, including in times of Covid”, denounced Tuesday March 23 on France Inter Christophe Deloire, secretary general of Reporters Without Borders. His organization filed a complaint against the platform, in particular for “deceptive marketing practices”.

What RSF believes “that the commitments made by Facebook via the general conditions of use, via very intense advertising campaigns, are not fulfilled. Facebook claims to disseminate reliable information, to be a safe and error-free environment” and “fight against hate speech”, it is false, according to Christophe Deloire. To support its complaint lodged with the public prosecutor of Paris, the NGO has drawn up a file of “45 exhibits, bailiff’s reports, testimonies, quotes from former Facebook executives, studies and reports on Facebook worldwide”, details the secretary general.

“Facebook widely broadcast the movie ‘Hold-Up’, a movie that was riddled with false information, it has been abundantly demonstrated, cites Christope Deloire as an example. Sometimes versions of the film were labeled ‘false information’, but very often that was not the case. ”

“By bailiff, it was argued that five versions of this film totaled 4.5 million views, without at any time, those who could watch Facebook have been warned of the nature of the content.”

Christophe Deloire, Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders

at France Inter

Reporters Without Borders estimates that a platform like Facebook, which drains 38 million users in France, billions around the world, is responsible for sorting information, in particular on the basis of journalistic surveys. “It is certainly not necessary that Facebook is responsible for each of the contents. It is a question of giving responsibilities of structures which sort the information, which enact the standards of the information space, that is to say which decide rules. There must be specific responsibilities “, assures Christophe Deloire.

RSF’s complaint also targets the circulation of hate speech on Facebook, relying in particular on the example of the regional daily press the Ardennes Union, newspaper of which one of the photographers was the subject of a serious serious attack a few weeks ago. “This newspaper, before and after, has received numerous insults and threats on Facebook. It is impressive to see how journalists on the ground, including now on the virtual field, can be the object of absolutely illegitimate attacks and even illegal “, emphasizes Christophe Deloire.

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