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Report: People do not follow the call to act alone

The country’s 21 county administrative boards must ensure that laws and recommendations are complied with during the pandemic and a status report is released every week that summarizes trends.

In the latest report we can see that Swedes generally follow guidelines and laws, as many as 17 of 21 county administrative boards report high compliance.

But there are also trends that worry.

Warmer weather

Twelve counties report that the public does not follow the call to act alone, and two counties emphasize the need for national information efforts in this area.

Something that can be extra important due to the warmer weather and the upcoming Easter holidays, where activities such as sports shops, commercial gardens and boat, motorcycle and car accessory stores, are expected to receive an increased number of visitors.

Another worrying development highlighted in the latest situation description is about creative ways to round off restrictions.

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The report writes that there are worrying signals from several parts of the country that operators are trying to find ways to circumvent the legislation.

Rounds rules

Among other things, they mention general gatherings / sports competitions where only sponsors have been invited as an audience in order for it to be counted as a closed party, which means that the restriction rule of a maximum of eight people can be avoided.

There are also reports of facilities that have expanded their restaurant operations in parts of the arena grandstand in order to go under the law on restaurants instead of the stricter covid-19 law.

– We have previously seen that there is a lack of understanding among parts of the public regarding everyone’s responsibility to reduce the spread of infection. The fact that we now receive more and more reports of operators trying to circumvent the legislation is of course worrying, says Anna Carlsson, who is the national coordinator for the county administrative boards’ pandemic supervision.

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