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Regional elections in France: to postpone or not?

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                The Scientific Council has issued its report on the health situation in France: it refuses to comment on the need or not to postpone the regional elections scheduled for June.  The government plans to organize a debate on the subject in the Assembly so that the various political groups can express their point of view.  But the divisions are important.

                                    <p><em>With </em><strong>Aurélien Devernoix,</strong> <em>from the political service of RFI</em>

The equation is difficult to solve for the opposition parties: it is impossible to want to maintain the regions at all costs while the health situation continues to deteriorate.

But no question either of yielding on the calendar of a crucial election for certain presidential ambitions, in particular on the right. ” What the Scientific Council is saying is that September will not lead to a better health situation than June for the holding of the elections. What I am asking the government to do is not find the means to pass the hot potato on to the opposition parties, but it is to get everyone around the table to determine the sanitary conditions that allow us to hold this poll “, Estimates Damien Abad president of the group The Republicans in the Assembly.

Spreading the vote over several days, electoral centers reserved for vulnerable people, the proposals exist according to Damien Abad. But Eric Coquerel of the France Insoumise group displays a certain skepticism: “ If there is an election, there has to be a campaign, if not normal, almost normal. If we campaign, it can’t just go through 2.0. It is up to the government to tell us if it thinks that in May, things will have worked out. Otherwise we will have an election with a high abstention rate and that is not good for democracy either. »

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« We don’t play with democracy »

For his part, Matthieu Orphelin, head of the ecologist list in the Pays de Loire region, hopes that ” the government will give up the idea, especially of some at the Élysée Palace, of saying: “We are going to move the elections, we are going to move to after the summer, we will see.” No, it’s not possible to think like that. »

For the ex-member of LREM, “ we are not playing with democracy. What is important is that the government takes its responsibilities and gives the possibility that the elections take place in a very precise health protocol. »The member claims that ” give ourselves the means to have voting operations that do not allow an acceleration of the spread of the virus. The report clearly says that we will know how to do that. The government, now two months before the elections, must stop procrastinating. Let’s go. We do the elections. We choose the frame. And we let the democratic life of our country express itself. »

The only unanimous opinion: the desire to see the government really consult the political groups.

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