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Red Bull asks FIA for clarity on track limits: ‘It’s a gray area’ | NOW

Red Bull Racing team principal Christian Horner calls on race director FIA to provide more clarity on track limits. Max Verstappen had to return his leading position at the Bahrain Grand Prix to Lewis Hamilton on Sunday, after overtaking the Brit outside the regular asphalt.

The track limits around Turn 4 were set on Friday after the first free practice session, after numerous drivers took time off the original racing asphalt in that session. The track limits only applied during subsequent practice and qualifying, but were remarkably abolished for the race.

“These track limit rules will always be controversial,” Horner said The Race. “We have to get to a clear situation. You can’t say it’s okay to exceed the track limits during the race, but it’s forbidden to overtake there. Be clear and make sure it’s white or black. Now. it is a gray area. ”

During the first half of the race, Hamilton exceeded the track limits in turn 4 in almost all laps, while Verstappen remained on the asphalt with four wheels in that same corner. Only when Red Bull told the Dutchman over the radio that he, like Hamilton, did not have to take this into account, did the race management intervene.

Max Verstappen had to leave the victory to Lewis Hamilton in Bahrain on Sunday.

‘Exceeding track limits results in two tenths per lap’

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Verstappen passed Hamilton in the final phase of the race in the conscious turn 4, but ended up next to the regular asphalt during his overtaking action. The FIA ​​then ordered Red Bull that Verstappen had to give his won place back to the seven-time world champion.

“It was clear that Max went too wide there,” Horner admitted. “It was made clear to us before the race that if someone took advantage of going wide in that corner, that advantage should be returned.”

“But before that, we saw that every time Hamilton turned on, he used the extra asphalt in turn 4. Then we asked the race management if that was allowed, because it saves two tenths of time per lap. Then the FIA ​​told Mercedes that Hamilton had to respect the track limits, otherwise he would have been given a warning flag. ”

After passing Hamilton, Verstappen was no longer able to attack the Mercedes driver again. The Dutchman therefore finished second in the first race of the season.

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The Grand Prix season will resume in three weeks with a race in Imola, Italy.

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