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recruitment made difficult by the health crisis


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M.Dubieilh, P.Lahaye, D. Pringarbe, A.Bartot

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France 3

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had many repercussions on employment, particularly in the tourism sector. Professionals are in the dark as to the number of seasonal to recruit.
Difficult to find jobs seasonal in times of pandemic. “I had my BTS in hotel and restaurant management last June. I managed to do my season this summer, extend it to September, and then it was complicated“, confides a young woman.”I work in fire safety. Since everything is closed or almost, unfortunately, even the bosses do not know what the opening dates will be“, worries another seasonal worker.

When and how to open the holiday clubs? These questions come up every day as summer approaches. It is therefore necessary to start using seasonal to manage accommodation, activities and catering. “Honestly, today there is nothing easy. People are not sure where they are going. We are also in doubt. We have openings planned for the month of May, hoping that this will happen. The people who come to see us have this desire to work“, explains Paula Gaspard, the general housekeeper of a Charente-Maritime holiday club.

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