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Home Sport Real Madrid survive the agony in Villeurbanne | Euroleague 2020
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Real Madrid survive the agony in Villeurbanne | Euroleague 2020


He maintains his options for the quarterfinals after a heart attack game, in which the French missed two triples that would have taken him to extra time. Garuba’s defense and Abalde’s triples, decisive

Thompkins and Tyus fight for the ball, against ASVEL.JEFF PACHOUDAFP
With a heavy heart, like a tightrope walker on the wire, but Real Madrid is still alive. These are their new times, marked by circumstances, by the lack of reinforcements, by survival. It has gone from being the favorite to win the Euroleague to a team that sweats to get into the top eight, although in those crosses that it already caresses to be feared. Because he has them now within a shot of a victory in the remaining three days, because he escaped from Villeurabanne with a triumph of sheer agony. [71-74: Narracin y estadsticas]

Against a rival who did not play anything, it is true, and that was plagued with casualties, but that he fought until the final honk. The French enjoyed up to two triples to send the shock to overtime, to lengthen the anguish. At the last, Kahudi was completely liberated. Because the team of Pablo Laso close the night earlier, with little success and many losses. It was a triple from Abalde, the Galician’s third without failure, which seemed to end the duel. But Madrid still had to row more, until the edge of the final sigh.

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He soon realized that he was going to suffer. Because walking on the abyss always brings vertigo, especially if the guys who juggled in these kinds of situations are lacking. The absences of Llull and Rudy not only affect basketball itself. His experience in these areas makes a difference. And Thursday in Lyon was (almost) a final.

After the first tactical escapades, with Madrid waking up in the zone with a very physical quintet in which Garuba of three appeared, it did not take Laso’s team to wander uncomfortably. The first symptoms, as always, coincided with Tavares’ first break. There the team of TJ Parker – Tony’s brother, who is the owner – took the reins, with Heurtel’s gaze from the stands, at his current teammates (he cannot play in the Euroleague) and the next ones. The whites could not find the triples and lost more balls than advisable. The ASVEL came to command with ease (33-25).

The click occurred around the locker room. With the most solid Laprovittola of recent times and a Garuba who was an absolute leader. In a battle that demanded physicality, the 18-year-old boy dominated, omnipresent, inexhaustible and even brazen this time. Bounced, stole, and scored. And it was key in the visitor pull, which also coincided with the irruption of Carroll, that bullet in Laso’s chamber. A 4-18 that gave oxygen to Madrid and that calmed the local momentum.

But the battle was not resolved. The fourth of Tavares again stalled Madrid, which lives with a brutal dependence on the giant. ASVEL came to the top (10-2 partial) with a toned Norris Cole. And only in the final game of poker, with errors here and there, could the whites breathe. On Tuesday they receive Efes and can seal their mathematical classification, minimum objective.

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