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Real Madrid does not win for scares | ACB 2020

Baxi Manresa 76 Real Madrid 77


The whites, in another heart attack outcome, prevail in Manresa to continue with their great balance in ACB. Deck was decisive and Janning had a triple to win

Garuba tries to score against Manresa.SUSANNA SECTEFE
Real Madrid does not win for cardiologists, who again triumphantly escaped from a thriller. In Manresa, the third game of the week, on the eve of another with a triplet (and with life in Europe at stake), an ambush awaited him and he came out with the 25th victory (in 26 games) in the Endesa League and, as in Villeurbanne on Thursday, with a feeling of final relief.

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Because again the rival had a free ball, this time even to win. But Matt Janning, who is a specialist, did not finish off Pedro Martnez’s spectacular slate play. And then, although Dani Garca hit it from the middle of the field, it did not serve the courageous Baxi Manresa, because Garuba had not trembled since the free kick.

And so, in fits and starts, this Real Madrid advances with as many patches as self-love. Competing every loose ball as if his life depended on it. He could have taken a weekend off, given rest to some of his key pieces – another huge Tavares display – in the face of what is to come. But the inertia and the shield force. It was Deck, with 11 running points in the denouement, who began to appease Manresa’s momentum.

With the thick of a Saturday afternoon, of an empty pavilion, of another inopportune interwar duel. Real Madrid, who on Thursday risked their lives in France, that Tuesday and Friday another two battles without a net await in the Euroleague (Efes and Olympiacos at the WiZink), snorted again and again at the Nou Congost.

And that awoke powerful, overwhelmingly dominating the rebound to Manresa by Pedro Martnez, one of the revelation teams of the course, although now he is entangled with casualties, with all his bases (Tab and Dani Prez) out of combat. But from 2-12 it went to 25-19 in which the whites seemed exhausted, uncomfortable, erratic to the point of despair. It coincided, as always, with the respite of Tavares and there was a time in which two boys shared the painting of Real Madrid, who between the two are less years old than Felipe Reyes, Garuba and Vukcevic.

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The locals had punished the white mistake with a good Ferrari (and it is not a car), which returned to the team in which it shone, after spending this season already in Gran Canaria and Malaga. But with the giant and his caps back, Madrid recovered their tone, to go to the break ahead again after hitting with their first two triples, the second from Alocn on the same horn at half-time.

The matter did not get better around the dressing room, where the presence of Vukcevic was surprised. For none of the pimp, erratic and messy. Ferrari was still the mainstay of the Manresa and Madrid was advancing in jerks. Eatherton and Mason’s impudence joined in, and if it were not for Deck and Janning’s failure (Pedro Martinez chose to need Laprovittola to play last), the whites would have reaped their second defeat of the season at ACB.

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