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Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Peter Phillips was interviewed by police – suspected of violating crown restrictions – Royal

Authorities had to find out why Peter Phillips had set off despite restrictions on his mobility.

Queen Elizabeth grandchild, princess Other son Peter Phillipsin was suspected of violating movement restrictions over the weekend.

Peter Phillips, 43, was spotted on Friday in Scotland more than 700 miles from his home. Locals spotted her car parked in the woman’s backyard and called police at the scene.

British media according to police, Phillips found out the reason for this movement. However, according to authorities, Phillips did not violate the interest rate restrictions, as he justified being on a business trip. The commute joined his XL Medical company, which offers rapid corona testing.

– Whatever the reason, it is wrong to travel here from England. Scotland is in confinement, and if you fly here, you will be quarantined for ten days, an angry local commented to The Sun.

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Phillips had traveled with the royal family Lindsay Wallacen with. According to the Daily Mail, Lindsay Wallace is Phillips’ sister Zara Tindallin a good friend, and he once attended the same private school with Tindall and Phillips. Rumor has it that Phillips also stayed with Wallace for the weekend. Insiders have been sharply knocked out by wild speculation that Phillips and married Wallace would be dating.

Peter Phillips announced his divorce from his Autumn wife last year.­

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Peter Phillips lives in Gloucestershire, England. More than a year ago, the court was in turmoil when Phillips announced his resignation Autumn-wife after more than ten years of marriage together. In their release, they said the difference was ultimately the best possible solution for both their children and the duo to maintain mutual friendship.

The couple has two children, daughters Savannah, 10, and Isla, 8. According to Expressen, the ex-couple still lives together in Gloucestershire because of their children.

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