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Queen Elizabeth did not remain inactive after Prince Harry and Meghan’s racism charges – sources: Court now wants to be thoroughly modernized – Royal

Brittihovi is currently conducting a comprehensive study to realize cultural diversity.

Buckingham Palace now goes through the details of multiculturalism inside the court, British Broadcasting reports BBC.

Harry and Meghan said Oprah Winfreyn in an interview that they would have been asked within the royal family before their firstborn was born how dark Archieboy could become. Meghan said there was “concern and discussion” around the air. Harry said racism was a major reason why they moved to the United States.

The couple declined to say who was behind the racist comments, but later clarified that it was not a queen Elisabet it’s a prince Philip.

Shortly after the rave interview, Queen Elizabeth issued a statement in which she expressed her seriousness about race-related allegations in particular.

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The public statements made by the Duke of Sussex will be part of a comprehensive investigation that is now being conducted in the court. The subject was first covered in the UK Mail on Sunday -magazine. According to it, the investigation is a huge investment from the court. It is carried out in cooperation with representatives of numerous different minorities.

According to sources, the Queen also plans to hire a person specializing in minority rights and cultural diversity to modernize the court throughout.

Indeed, Buckingham Palace is now trying to explore new ways to approach diversity issues in royal circles.

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Royal sources have pointed out that the palace already has existing practices, procedures and programs for the purpose, but progress has not been as rapid as would have been desired. Work on the issue began even before the allegations of racism made by the Duke of Sussex.

According to sources, the whole royal family greatly supports the project.

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