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Quarrels and aggravated assault on parking in Tenhult

The alarm about the quarrel came in to the police at 7.40 pm on Saturday night.

– About 20 young people and a bunch of A-tractors were at the scene and there was an upset atmosphere, says police spokeswoman Angelica Israelsson Silfver.

One person to hospital

When the police arrived at the scene, the patrol took up three reports of aggravated assault. Two boys in their 15s and a man in their 25s had been beaten with some form of shelter.

– What it is about shelter, we do not want to go out with at the moment, says Angelica Israelsson Silfver.

One of the younger boys was taken by ambulance to hospital for a check-up. The others could receive care on the spot.

Many witnesses

At present, no person has been arrested in the case.

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The police have spoken to most of the witnesses.

– There were many young people in place, but also a lot of intoxication, so it may be that we need to hear them again, says Angelica Israelsson Silfver.

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