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Putin announced plans after the production of antibodies as a result of vaccination

Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that after the development of antibodies as a result of vaccination against coronavirus infection, COVID-19 will expand the geography of work trips.

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It is noted that on the Day of the Cultural Worker, Putin held a video meeting with the laureates of the prize for young cultural workers and the prize in the field of literature and art for works for children and youth.

One of the participants in the meeting, the director of the Russian State Children’s Library Maria Vedenyapina, invited the president to come to their library.

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“Maria Alexandrovna, thank you very much. As you know, I got vaccinated. Now let’s see what credits will appear and when. I will expand the geography of visiting various sites, including cultural sites, libraries, and so on, “RIA Novosti quoted Putin as saying.

Putin was vaccinated on March 23rd.

According to Peskov, the President of Russia was vaccinated with the first component of the vaccine against coronavirus infection COVID-19.

He also commented on Putin’s decision to be vaccinated against the coronavirus publicly.

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Peskov later said that Putin is doing well after being vaccinated against the coronavirus, said Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for the Russian leader.

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