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Pursue reforms or slow down, the majority’s dilemma

Question sessions to the government at the National Assembly, March 23, 2021. (THOMAS PADILLA / MAXPPP)

Revolution“, remember, that was the title of candidate Macron’s program book. Since his election, the” Yellow Vests “first, then the pandemic have put a stop to the transformation agenda. The whole issue, c is whether to relaunch this agenda – “put some charcoal back in the stove” to paraphrase a minister. Can the company still cash it?

Do we want to reform? Yes. Can we ? I do not know“, responds very frankly an adviser to the president.”It must“, insists a minister,”the country needs to be jostled so as not to win“compared to other powers. She pleads for structural reforms, on condition of being able”convince the social partners. “And that is no small feat.

Another member of the government defends the idea of ​​a period “appeasement“, with this argument:”If we put reforms each time in the matrix, then we will spend our time explaining them instead of defending those we have already made.. “To defend the record of the five-year term – not useless one year before the presidential election.

Between standing still and the risk of upsetting society, there is perhaps a third way. But that first requires choosing your fights. Which ones to hire? Which ones to give up? Retirement ? Unemployment insurance? An important parliamentarian considers that the value of work must be at the heart of future debates. How to revalue those who produce? How to reward the effort?

One of the themes on which there is consensus is intergenerational. The Elysee judges that “living together is going to be the huge subject of the world after, the cohabitation of these people who have lived badly with the restrictions. “Until a few weeks ago, the definition of”intergenerational“was broad. And it could be summed up in a question: how to create bridges, forge stronger links between the youngest and the oldest?

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In the boxes, there is still this reform of dependency and the creation of the fifth branch of Social Security. Intergenerational is asking everyone to make an extra effort to finance this reform. Politically impossible, for a framework of the majority: “I do not really see how we say to the youngest: ‘You are going to put your hand in the pot’, when we are already coming out of a year where everything was done to protect the old “.

The Autonomy law, I don’t know if we will do it right away“, also explains the entourage of the head of state.”The idea is rather to continue working on ads for young people.. “Hence the call to put together ideas, notes. So that the president can do his market.

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