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Purchased beauty services for VTV’s CEO at the peak of the state for EUR 4,729 – almost EUR 2,000 was styled for annual reports – Politics

Tytti Yli-Viikari has been provided with styling services for 918 euros, which have not been directly related to any work assignment.

Public finances Director General of the Audit Office Tytti to Yli-Viikari In 2018–2020, beauty care services were purchased for a state peak for a total of EUR 4,729, according to the information provided by VTV to IS.

It is noteworthy that Yli-Viikari has been provided with styling services for 918 euros, which have not been directly related to any work task.

IS said earlier that on January 10, 2019, Yli-Viikari bought a “hair styling coaching” at Living Day Spa with a credit card that cost 174 euros, which, according to the agency, has been part of a “package that supports the overall visual success of the descriptions”.

In February 2019, VTV paid an invoice of EUR 744, which included three stylizations made on 14 September 2018, 3 December 2018 and 15 January 2019.

According to VTV, this decrease of EUR 744 was related to the CEO’s “coaching related to hair styling, dressing and other visual expressions”.­

VTV’s report did not indicate to which job the styling was related. Director of Administration and Resources at VTV Tuula Sandholm clarified that the purchases related to “coaching related to hair styling, dressing and other visual appearance”.

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According to Sandholm, the acquisition was intended to support Yli-Viikari’s success in filming and performances.

State In recent years, the expenditure monitoring agency has invested in annual report descriptions: the material provided by VTV shows that styling services for Yli-Viikari for the annual reports were procured in 2019 and 2020 for a total of EUR 1,902.

2.6.2020 VTV acquired what is known as a make-up artist and make-up artist Raili Hulkkonen make-up and styling services from the company for 744 euros. The acquisition of VTV is justified by the descriptions in the annual report.

On the same day, hairdressing services for VTV’s peak were purchased from Sydämen Pohjasta Oy for 210 euros.

Hairdressing services for Yli-Viikari were acquired from Sydämen Pohjasta Oy for 210 euros.­

The invoice was marked “Tytti Yli-Viikari’s hairdressing visit”, and the reference referred to the description of the annual report. Last year, the CEO was styled for VTV’s annual report for a total of 954 euros.

In 2019, the costs of the annual report descriptions cost the agency EUR 948.

On 23 April 2019, Yli-Viikari first bought a service from Sydämen Pohjasta Oy with a credit card from the agency for EUR 204, which included “extreme megamask” in addition to color and design services.

Less than three weeks later – on the actual shooting day – 13 May 2019, make-up and styling services were purchased from Hulkkonen’s company for EUR 744 for VTV’s invoice.

The styling of the annual report filming date on 13 May 2019 cost 744 euros.­

According to VTV, both acquisitions were related to the annual report descriptions. There is attention, though aroused the fact that on April 25, 2019, two days after styling, the inauguration of the parliament was held, in which Yli-Viikari participated.

VTV:n makeup services have also been procured for the spike prior to media appearances.

On 31 August 2020, make-up services were purchased for Yli-Viikari for EUR 148.80 before Yle’s A-studio, where Yli-Viikari was ground high mission costs. The acquisition is justified by the fact that Yle did not disguise guests at the end of August due to interest rate restrictions.

On December 14, 2020, Lehtikuva took pictures of Yli-Viikari. The make-up that preceded the filming cost the agency 372 euros.

The CEO was styled before Yle’s A-studio and before the filming of Lehtikuva for a total of 520.80 euros.­

VTV has also twice purchased styling services for outsiders. In February 2019, VTV purchased make-up services from Scissors and Sivellin for EUR 177.20 for two external experts in connection with online training in civil service ethics. Immediate make-up was purchased from Hetita for 62 external experts.

VTV did not want to comment on whether the agency considers it appropriate that state funds have been used for beauty services for almost 5,000 euros.

IS news styling purchases for the first time last Saturday. Morning paper said on the subject on Thursday.

Sandholm has previously reported that at VTV, it is possible for all staff to use styling services for photography, video recordings or important performances, but styling purchases have so far only been made by the CEO.

Yli-Viikari has not been available to answer questions about the agency’s use of money. The Director General has justified his silence with an unfinished report by the Parliamentary Audit Committee.

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