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Punctured balls, a bad grass, a team in a bad streak … “I’m very worried”, says Luis Enrique


The national coach complained that there were few and bad balls in Georgia, and looked suspiciously at the clash against Kosovo.

Luis Enrique, along with his psychologist, during the game.AFP
I appeared Luis Enrique with a beard of several days, and both the beard and the hair with more gray than usual. You know, gray hair comes out, among other things, in times of stress. And in the National Stadium of Georgia Luis Enrique went through a lot of stress. Very much. “As for personal suffering, it is the day that I have suffered the most,” acknowledged the coach, who went crazy with the goal of Dani Olmo in the 92nd minute he has saved, for now, the face of Spain in this qualifying phase.

The Asturian technician does not like to use excuses, but he does like to say things that may sound like excuses. For example yesterday, in the middle of an answer, I told it. All on account of Dani Olmo’s shot. “The ball has made a strange thing, because these balls … Well, it is that There were six balls in the whole field to play the game, we have seen several deflated balls, every time the ball goes out for a long time …“He explained at the subsequent press conference. Ah! And another:” The ball bounced like a rabbit, “he blurted out, to clarify:” But it’s no excuse. ”

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He acknowledged that the equipment is not good. “We are not in a pletric momentThat is clear, but our job is to find solutions. The selection is those who are here and another 10 who can come, there is no more, “he said, and was concerned about the clash against Kosovo, next Wednesday in Seville.”I’m very worriedof course I do. If we lack football, precision, ease, we have to find solutions. “The classification, according to Luis Enrique, continues to be” very difficult “, because” the rivals do not make things easy for us. It is costing us more against these teams than against Switzerland, a quarterfinalist in a World Cup, or Germany, or Portugal … “.

Finally, he spoke about the substitution of Sergio Ramos. “It was a technical decision, Sergio is perfectly fine. I know that whatever I do with Sergio they will criticize me, if he plays five minutes, if he plays 90 … But come on, he’s perfectly fine.”

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