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Home Sport Puijo Hiihtoseura won the message Finnish Championship Gold - Cross Country Skiing
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Puijo Hiihtoseura won the message Finnish Championship Gold – Cross Country Skiing

In the spring of 2018, Iivo Niskanen asked Perttu Hyvär to join his project, now Puijo Hiihtoseura is the Finnish champion of the message.

Consequential transfers are big news in team sports, but less often in cross-country skiing. An exception was seen in the spring of 2018, when Puijo Ski Club announced that it had received a new Olympic winner. Iivo Niskasen and this national teammate Perttu Hyvärinen.

It was supposed to be the beginning of a new message dynasty at the Finnish Championship level, but the big prize sought by the club did not come until less than three years later. On Saturday, PHS won the men’s 4×10 kilometer Finnish Championships in Ristijärvi.

In the 2018–2019 season, the club was fourth in the Finnish Championship announcement, and a year ago the Finnish Championships in Ristijärvi were canceled completely due to the corona situation.

Quartet Joonas Sarkkinen–Niskanen – Hyvärinen–Petteri Koivisto in addition, Niskanen’s army buddy would have been on the first team of the large-scale club Antti Honkimaa and the combined star Ilkka Herola.

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Niskanen, who has already achieved his 15th Finnish Championship gold, remembered the stages of his “noise transfer” in Ristijärvi.

– I called Pertu and asked. It can’t really be called a recruitment for Puijo Ski Club, when in fact we just decided to go to the club, Niskanen, who has lived in Kuopio for a long time, said.

Star skiers the suction has been strong, as the number of PHS junior skiers is growing all the time. Club membership was sometimes also a profitable business for star skiers in recent years, but those times have been and gone.

– The value must be calculated, for example, by considering the amount of support work that is done in the breeders’ association, Niskanen stated.

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After PHS, the dimmer medals went to Jämin Jänte and Pohti SkiTeam, which operate on a slightly different principle than Puijo Ski Club, on Saturday as manager-driven team clubs.

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