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Puigdemont demands to be “national authority” of Catalonia to give his support to Pere Aragons

Negotiation of independence

Thursday, March 25, 2021 – 01:59

The fugitive claims the “political leadership” of the ‘procs’ and threatens to delay the agreement to anoint the Republican for weeks

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Borrs greets the socialist Salvador Illa in the round of consultations

  • Covenant.

    The declogue that ERC has agreed with the CUP for another 1-O … without breaking with Pedro Snchez

  • Parliament.

    Laura Borrs proposes Pere Aragons a candidate for the Generalitat despite not yet having the support to be invested

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JxCat’s endorsement of the investiture of Pere Aragons remains dependent on ERC agreeing to grant Carles Puigdemont a leading role in the new legislature. The fugitive demands that the republicans assume the road map of the Consell per la República, that parallel government project that he directs from Belgium to prevent their movements from being aborted by the Spanish Justice. The neo-convergent negotiating team claims to the Republicans that, if they want to see Aragons anointed

in days or weeks, sign the agency’s roadmap. The document, baptized as Preparmonos, establishes that the body – and therefore Puigdemont as its president – must have the rank of national authority to lead the independence process and represent the interests of the Catalan Republic at the international level. Puigdemont has no ambition other than to survive the defeat of 14-F. To achieve this, it has been proposed to stress the negotiations with ERC as much as necessary until it assumes a kind of two-headed Executive in which the issues most linked to management are reserved for the Generalitat and those most related to the advancement of the challenge to the State. be settled in the Consell for the Republic. In the second instance, the escapee intends to dilute as much as possible the leadership of Aragons with a view to recovering the Generalitat in the next Catalan electoral contest, especially if the legislature collapses again before four years have elapsed due to the disagreements of separatism. The argument put forward by JxCat is that the Government will never be able to give the definitive impulse to the independence cause because the action of the Justice prevents it, as happened four years ago with 1-O. And that, consequently, Waterloo is the ideal setting to concoct any new insurrectionary attack.

Avoid the Spanish Justice

The experience of 2017 has brought out the limitations of the autonomous institutions to lead the country to independence, reads the declogue of the Consell per la República, which continues: Therefore, the independence movement must not depend only on the limitations of autonomic structures. Therefore, he insists: The Consell per la República must be the national authority in charge of executing and coordinating the actions that aim to create the right climate to make the 1-O mandate effective without the threats and coercion suffered by the Government autonomous. A political leadership is needed outside the scope of the abuses of the Spanish State, concludes the script prepared by Puigdemont and which is now presented as an inalienable requirement for the investiture of Aragons. The role of Puigdemont blocks the negotiations one day after the full inauguration. After faking with even summoning it,

Laura borrs

, set the session for this Friday after verifying that Aragons is the candidate with the most options of being elected ahead of the discarded

Salvador Illa

. For the moment, however, the ERC president only has 33 supporters from his deputies: the CUP will communicate today if its bases have endorsed the pre-agreement with the Republican leadership and JxCat insisted yesterday that there will be no agreement on Friday. Aragons needs the votes


and three anti-establishment parliamentarians to be chosen in the first attempt. If this is not achieved, it will have to undergo a second session – which Borrs is considering setting on Tuesday – and in which the support of JxCat and the abstention of the CUP will suffice. If it fails again, the two-month countdown to the electoral replay will be opened.

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