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protests against Narendra Modi’s visit continue

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                The visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Bangladesh angered part of the population of this predominantly Muslim country, who considers the Indian leader to be Islamophobic.  Violent clashes with the police left several dead and injured.

                                    <p><span><span><span><em>With our regional correspondent,</em><strong>  Como Bastin</strong></span></span></span>

This is his first diplomatic visit since the start of the pandemic and it is not just any. Narendra Modi was invited two days by his counterpart Sheikh Hasina to the Bangladesh for the 50 years of the country’s independence.

But Friday, protests erupted against his coming because of his anti-Muslim policy in India. Five students of the Islamist movement Hefazat were killed in clashes with police in the towns of Chittagong and Brahmanbaria. Dozens of wounded were counted across the country, especially in the capital Dhaka where the national parade was taking place. Paramilitary forces have been deployed to bring the situation under control.

These clashes did not interrupt the state visit. Narendra Modi insisted on the ties between the two countries, saying India and Bangladesh are seeking development, stability, love and peace.

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On Saturday, he visited a temple of the Matua sect, a Hindu movement that has worshipers in Bangladesh, as well as in the Indian state of West Bengal, where regional elections are being held.

But despite the measures taken by the authorities, hundreds of Islamists gathered in Dhaka, in front of the country’s largest mosque, Baitul Mukarram Masjid, to protest the crackdown the day before and the visit of the Indian Prime Minister.

The protesters, who chanted slogans hostile to Narendra Modi, were supporters of the Hefazat-e-Islam group, the largest radical group in the country, which had already called for the protests on Friday.

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