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protesters in the streets again, despite the bloody crackdown

Pro-democracy protesters took to the streets again at dawn Monday in Burma, despite increasingly violent crackdowns by the military junta that toppled civilian government chief Aung San Suu Kyi on February 1 latest. At least 107 people, including seven children, were killed in the rallies on Saturday. The international community has raised the tone by denouncing the abuses of this weekend.

450 dead in two months

From now on, it is no longer just live ammunition in crowds of demonstrators, but the use of heavy military means. This even goes as far as airstrikes observed in an area of ​​south-eastern Burma. This is the first time in twenty years that such violence has been observed in the country.

Since the military coup two months earlier, more than 450 people have died, including a quarter of the victims over the weekend. Protesters are sometimes shot in the back while fleeing.

EU denounces “unacceptable escalation of violence”

The international community is gradually rising up after this murderous weekend. China on Monday called on all parties to hold back. “The violence and bloody clashes do not meet the interests of any of the parties,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said. “The victims are the Burmese”.

The European Union condemned Sunday evening “an unacceptable escalation of violence” and “a senseless path” chosen by the junta, in a statement from its foreign minister Josep Borrell evoking a “day of horror and shame”. A condemnation followed by the United States and the UN. All denounce cowardly, senseless acts and gratuitous deaths.

But Burma, singled out, is not intimidated either. On Saturday, as many civilians died from the bullets, a gigantic military parade was organized in honor of the Burmese soldiers to celebrate the traditional day of the armed forces. Russia, which on Monday said it disapproved of this bloody crackdown, had yet sent its deputy defense minister to this event.

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