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Prosecutor Stampa breaks his silence and accuses Attorney General Dolores Delgado of delaying the investigation against him

He sends a letter to the Association of Prosecutors where he explains the entire process in which he has been immersed in the last nine months

Former Anticorruption prosecutor Ignacio Stampa, in a file image.

  • Fiscala.

    They file the proceedings against the prosecutor Stampa after ruling out that there was disclosure of secrets to Podemos

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Former Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Ignacio Press has sent this Thursday a letter to the Association of Prosecutors, majority in the Fiscal Career, where he details the nine months of investigation to which he has been subjected by the Prosecutor who heads Dolores Delgado. The prosecutor thus breaks his silence after “I have been officially exonerated of the slightest irregularity” and “my absolute innocence has been proven.”

In the letter, to which EL MUNDO has had access, the former prosecutor in the Villarejo case maintains that the Prosecutor’s Office “has not communicated to all public opinion the file of any of the multiple procedures that have been initiated, nor the result of what was practiced on the merits of the investigated matter, despite the social alarm created regarding the actions of two members of the Special Prosecutor against Corruption and Organized Crime in the dispatch of a singular judicial proceeding “.

Ignacio Stampa denounces that in the nine months that the investigation to which he has been subjected has lasted, first by the Prosecutor of Madrid that he opened a criminal investigation procedure and then by the Fiscal Inspection, with the opening of a previous information, he has not accessed “official information” of his case. “The refusal of the State Prosecutor’s Office to provide such information, considering that it is a matter of reserved proceedings (…) forces me to inform you of this, although it is not my responsibility to provide any documentation at this headquarters, “says the prosecutor.

In addition, Stampa reveals that the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office wanted on two occasions to archive the investigation that was opened for alleged disclosure of secrets to Podemos but that this dismissal was rejected by the State Attorney General led by Delgado. “On the first occasion to suggest on October 8 the practice of further proceedings, but on the second occasion without any reason,” says the former prosecutor of the Tandem case.

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The prosecutor highlights that it was the instructor of the Superior Prosecutor of Madrid who opposed the orders he received from the Technical Secretary directed by the prosecutor. lvaro Garca, right hand of the attorney general, to delay the investigation of your case. “Upon receipt of a decree that is incorporated into the proceedings, transferring to me the office of the Chief Prosecutor of the Technical Secretariat of the State Attorney General, in which he suggests the practice of various proceedings within the framework of DI 32/20 followed in this Prosecutor’s Office , I dispose of the non-practice of the same because I consider them sterile and useless for the clarification of facts that I understand thoroughly clarified after the instruction that I practiced, affirming and ratifying myself for it in the two proposed reports that work in the proceedings “, collects the letter of the former Anticorruption prosecutor in reference to the response given by the Madrid Prosecutor to the General Prosecutor.

The one who was a prosecutor of the Villarejo case It continues by explaining that “despite the fact that the investigation proceedings had been filed twice by the competent body because they were considered completed, no other diligence had been suggested or was pending practice since October 23, and that Their specific practice had not been suggested after the first archiving decree, on December 15, 2020 the matter was resolved only for the practice of one of the procedures suggested on December 2. (…) Meanwhile, they will be extended. the investigation proceedings by decree of December 23 of the State Attorney General for the practice of this exclusive diligence before its expiration on January 9, 2021 “, denounces the public prosecutor.

Ignacio Stampa says to his former association, the AF, that he brings these facts to his attention because he defends the interest “of those of us who come to put the vocation of public service before everything else.”

Days ago, the Fiscal Inspection that directs Fausto Cartagena the file decreed the internal investigation open to this prosecutor after ruling out that it would reveal confidential information of the plot led by commissioner Jos Manuel Villarejo to the popular accusation exercised by Podemos.

For its part, last February the Madrid Prosecutor dismissed and the investigation procedures opened to Stampa, seeing no indications that he had incurred in an alleged crime of revealing secrets to the lawyer of the purple formation in relation to the Tandem case.

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