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“Prolonged sitting is the worst,” says the personal trainer, explaining four movements that allow the buttocks loosened by sitting to be activated immediately – Health

Sometimes you should be able to get up from work. Personal trainer Anna Saivosalmi emphasizes the importance of everyday activity for health – and advises on a break exercise to ease the tensions caused by sitting in an instant.

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Sitting in front of a computer for a long day of work is painful and gets a shackle. It is best to do a good workout at the end of the day, so that the disadvantages of sitting can be acknowledged, many people think.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite go that way, says the personal trainer Anna Saivosalmi.

– If you sit for 7-8 hours a day, it will not be replaced by a half-hour sweat workout.

Saivosalmi is known for its Instagram home gym tips and live classes run online, which gather hundreds of participants.

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    In the video above, Anna shows you a break exercise to get your buttocks activated.

Remember breaks!

The personal trainer emphasizes the importance of everyday activity and hopes that people will be willing to get out of the workplace several times during the day.

A little walk or climbing stairs brings much-needed movement to a stiffened body and buttocks that have become lazy. When sitting at a work station when the buttocks want to loosen while the thighs and hip flexors tighten.

– Prolonged sitting is the worst, and taking a break is number one, Saivosalmi emphasizes and emphasizes the importance of everyday activity for health.

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Small breaks from work and a quarter of exercise here and there are enough.

– You’d rather sprinkle movement throughout the day than first tap the machine for eight hours and then do a talk show.

Sprinkle movement throughout the day to avoid buttocks and body tension, suggests personal trainer Anna Saivosalmi.­

A couple of times a week for muscle condition

In addition to everyday activity, Saivosalmi emphasizes the importance of versatile training. He hopes people will move in many different ways.

– Walking and running, for example, are really good exercise, but often when walking, the buttocks are not activated unless you think about it very consciously.

In addition to running or walking, the personal trainer recommends doing muscle exercise a few times a week. For a sedentary worker, it could mean activating a lazy butt.

For example, get out of the stairs to get out or try Anna Saivosalmi’s buttocks that arouse the buttocks and relieve the tension of the hip flexor and buttocks caused by sedentary work in the morning before work or as part of a lunch break.

A break exercise that activates the buttocks and relieves tension caused by sitting

Do each movement 5 to 10 repetitions at a calm pace. A single round is enough for a break. Saivosalmi presents the movements in a video on the spot of the main picture of the story.

  1. Pumping the buttocks and rotating the hands

  2. Hip flexion pumping with backward bending

  3. Weight transfers in a wide position and hand opening

  4. Horizontal – do not allow the knee of the outrigger to lock and try to keep your back and hips straight

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