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Prince Harry’s fierce exit from the court’s activities – now a new behind-the-scenes conversation has been revealed that can be a tough piece for the court – Royal

Prince Harry argues that there are individuals in the British court who can even walk over the queen in making decisions.


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American The CBS channel released new revelation videos on Monday morning local time Oprah Winfreyn, prince Harry and the Duchess Meghanin from a rumor interview.

The videos have been reported to be behind-the-scenes material that did not end up in a pre-edited interview period. According to Winfrey, there is more than three hours of interview material, while the pre-edited episode lasts just over an hour.

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British Crown Prince Charlesin in the interview, the pitman sharply and exceptionally criticized the British Court as an institution.

According to Harry, the meeting with the queen was never arranged.­

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Harry says that when he and Meghan had announced in public that they intended to start a new life outside the court, Harry had first wanted to meet the queen and discuss the matter with him. The Queen had invited the couple to Sandringham “as soon as the plane landed,” but then allegedly the Queen’s assistant had canceled the meeting altogether, citing the Queen’s busy schedule.

Harry had since persistently called the Queen from her then home in Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. According to Harry, the queen had said there was something on her calendar that she didn’t know about before.

Harry had tried to ask if the Queen would have time later, but for some reason no brief meeting was arranged.

Harry and Meghan’s announcement of the waiver of royal duties came on 8 January 2020. Buckingham Palace published its own its bulletin January 18, 2020.

– Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be beloved members of our family, the queen assured in a statement.

Harry and Meghan’s interview contains a lot of harsh criticism of the court.­

Prince says in an interview with Winfrey that there have been for years in the British Court around the Queen and other family members the same inviolable counselors who, in all silence, have much power over the affairs of the Court.

– The boss of the company has a lot of people around him who give him advice. What makes me sad is that some of that advice has been really bad, Harry says.

British newspapers according to this, this would mean that within the Hovi institution, even over the queen could be walked if necessary. Hovi has not responded to the allegations.

– I have always been a part of that system with my family. My brother can’t leave, but I left, Harry said.

Winfrey asked Harry if his brother, Duke William of Cambridge, would like to leave the court.

“I don’t know, I can’t speak for him,” Harry replied.


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“My brother can’t leave, but I left,” Harry says of his brother William.­

Harry says directly that he thinks Hovi is a really toxic place to live due to the strong control, the relationship between the court and the press, and the constant negative news coverage.

Winfrey asks if Hovi also thinks his father thinks the environment is toxic.

– No, I think he must have made peace on that.

British newspapers also receive some criticism.

“Britain is not a passionate country, but the British press is passionate, especially the tabloids,” says Harry.

The actual interview period appeared in the United States on Sunday night local time. Meghan said in an interview she was shocked that she even had her passport, home keys and driver’s license taken away as a member of the court. He also felt that his malaise was not listened to in the court and he was not offered help.

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