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Prime Minister Nikol Pachinian to resign in April

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                Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pachinian on Sunday announced his intention to resign in April, while continuing to exercise his interim duties until the early legislative elections in June.  A new effort to curb the political crisis shaking this Caucasian country.

                                    <p>« <em>I will be resigning in April.  I will resign not to resign, but to have an early election.  But I will continue to serve as interim prime minister</em> ", said <strong>Nikol Pachinian</strong> during a meeting with Armenians, according to a video posted on his Facebook page.

« If you confirm (our mandate), we will continue to serve you better than before, if not, we will transfer the power to whoever you want », He promised.

The early parliamentary elections scheduled for June 20 must put an end to the political turmoil that has shaken Armenia since its stinging defeat in the war between it and Azerbaijan, for the control of the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave in the fall 2020.

Nikol Pachinian denounced as a “ traitor “

For weeks, Nikol Pachinian resisted protests and calls for his resignation. Very criticized, he is denounced as a “ traitor By the opposition for having signed in November a cessation of hostilities agreement with Azebaijan to put an end to hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh very unfavorable to his country.

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This ceasefire was negotiated when the situation was catastrophic for Armenia, cornered and forced to retreat on several fronts while the Azerbaijani army threatened the capital of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Anger over the dismissal of senior military officials

Brought to power in 2018 by a popular revolution denouncing the corruption of post-Soviet elites, Nikol Pachinian increased the anger at the end of February by deciding to dismiss several senior military officials, accusing them of having wanted to instigate a coup.

Power and opposition ended up agreeing on the snap elections in June, although the latter called for a new demonstration on Sunday.

Since this agreement, the martial law decreed because of the war has been lifted and the Armenian Constitutional Court has ordered that the charges against ex-President Robert Kocharian, a detractor of Nikol Pachinian, be dropped.

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Listen: Armenia: what lies behind the political crisis


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