Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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President Biden’s Dog Bites Again White House Employee | NOW

Major Biden, US President Joe Biden’s German Shepherd, has again bitten a White House employee. That says a spokesman for first lady Jill Biden on Tuesday. The dog had to leave the official residence for a short while at the beginning of this month for mandatory training after another biting incident.

According to Biden’s spokesman, the most recent biting incident was another accident. The employee was checked by the medical staff and was then able to return to work.

The spokesman said Major still has to get used to the new Washington living environment.

The American president had already said that it was difficult for Major to understand that there were so many new faces around the house. “85 percent of the people in the White House love him. All he does is lick and wag his tail. But I can imagine some people are afraid of dogs,” Biden said in a previous interview.

The Bidens have two dogs, Major and Champ. Major is the youngest of the two and was adopted in 2018. Thirteen-year-old Champ already knew the White House when Biden was vice president under President Barack Obama.

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It is not clear whether the most recent biting incident will have consequences for the two four-legged friends. In the previous incident, both dogs had to undergo mandatory training at Biden’s Delaware home.

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