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Pregnant woman vaccinated, baby had antibodies to corona at birth – expert finds discovery encouraging – Abroad

The Florida mother had received the first dose of Moderna three weeks before the baby was born.

The United States A baby born in Florida was diagnosed with antibodies to the coronavirus at birth. The child was born only weeks after his mother had received the coronavirus vaccine, says the Miami Herald.

The baby’s mother is a healthcare worker who received the first dose of Moderna in late December. Three weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy girl.

During routine testing of the child, pediatricians also tested the sample for possible coronavirus antibodies.

The expert considers the findings a positive sign.

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“The news is encouraging,” said the head of the neonatal ward at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. William Christopher Golden case Miami Heraldille.

However, Golden warns that expectant or fresh parents should not start behaving carelessly, even if they have been vaccinated.

“It shouldn’t be assumed that babies with antibodies are protected,” he said.

According to Golden, there are too many open questions so far and too little sure information. It is not known what protection antibodies may provide to the baby, how much of the antibodies the mother passes on to the baby, and how long the antibodies last.

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Golden used the pertussis vaccine as an example.

– Mothers who have received the vaccine in their childhood carry these antibodies and can pass them on to their babies, which helps protect them initially. But at the age of a few months, babies need to get their own vaccinations so they can start building their immune systems, Golden said.

Health and the Department of Welfare, THL, says on its website that the first mRNA coronary vaccine to be introduced is for people over 16 years of age.

– Vaccination of younger people with coronary vaccines will only become topical when sufficient research data on children have been collected and marketing authorizations for the vaccines have been extended to children, THL’s website reports.

A doctor may, at his or her discretion, recommend a coronary vaccine to a pregnant woman if she wants the vaccine and belongs to the coronavirus risk group due to the underlying disease, or if she has a significant risk of being exposed to the corona, for example at work.

To date, new coronary vaccines have not been systematically studied in pregnant women. However, according to THL, there is no reason to assume that the coronary vaccine would cause harm to pregnancy or the fetus.

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