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Popovic on the message: “It came as a surprise”

It has only been an hour since Färjestad agreed to do so changes on the coaching side when SVT Sport reaches Peter Popovic over the phone. Just a few hours earlier, Popovic himself had been told that he was no longer wanted in Färjestad’s booth.

– It’s totally okay with me anyway. I live and am not a young rookie so to speak and it is such an industry you are in, where it can be like this. But it came as a surprise. It was nothing that I was set on or expected.

What do you say about the message?

– It is always sad to quit prematurely. There are so few matches left in the series and then the play-in that was waiting around the corner. It is clear that it is sad to step down now that soon the fun begins, says Popovic and continues:

– But that’s not my decision. We have had a tough season as a team where it did not go as we wanted. They have sought a change with a new voice, energy and “hello” and whatever it is. That is probably why it has become like this.

“Pack things”

Popovic admits that it is a great disappointment that his time in Färjestad now ends in this way.

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– Yes, it is clear that it is a disappointment as I had wanted to finish the three league matches and then play play-in and see where it could take us from there. Now it will not be so.

What are you going to do now?

– I will take it easy for a while, there is not much to do. Maybe pack my things in a few days here in Karlstad and then pull me home towards Västerås where I have my wife left.

Rumored to Switzerland

It has been circulating since March that Peter Popovic would be ready for the Swiss big club, Zurich. Information such as Aftonbladet be the first to report on.

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Popovic does not want to comment on the specific information, but confirms that he has a job ready for the coming season.

– I can say this that I have stuff going on for next season. I do not know how much I can, dare or have to say as the team still plays where I am supposed to. That’s probably why I do not want to comment more than that, but I can confirm that I have a new job in progress.

Färjestad has three matches left of their basic series where they meet Malmö at home tomorrow Wednesday, Brynäs away on Thursday and finish away against Örebro on Saturday.

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