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Popeda will perform in Tampere’s new deck arena in December: “It’s great to get on the stage of the home blade arena” – Entertainment

Popeda will perform at the end of the year in the oven-fresh Tampere Male Live Arena.

Suomirock’s messenger Popeda will raise his home arena, the Uros Live arena, which will be completed in December on December 16, 2021, the media release reports.

The band says they are excited to perform in their hometown of Tampere.

– It’s great to get on the stage of the home blade of the fire blade. What makes it especially great is that we get to perform for a long time for a live audience. Popeda is in a tough beat and we are looking forward to this concert like young, wild stallions in the summer, Popeda soloist Pate Mustajärvi commented in the press release.

The concert is part of the band for the rest of the year Profit from everything arena concert tour. The band’s hits Sergeant Karoliina, Red and sweet, Gas and Hot summer now resonate for a long time in arena conditions.

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Due to the prevailing conditions, Popeda has done only a few live gigs over the past year, some of them streamed without an audience.

– Yes, here the concrete structures will be tested and put into use at the same time, when Popeda echoes his first chords. We can be proud to be able to provide the concert legend we deserve for our country’s rock legend, CEO of Uros Live Arena Marko Hurme notes with a smile.

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