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Popeda drummer Lacu Lahtinen sold his house, and soon a creepy surprise was revealed – “Every month more than a thousand euros for a minus” – Entertainment

Korona has taken the income of the Popeda musician. In addition, Lacu Lahtinen has accumulated a huge debt from the house, which revealed a nasty surprise.

Like many musicians, the corona pandemic was taken by Popeda’s drummer Kari “Lacu” Lahtinen the biggest source of income, i.e. gigs.

The musician now says he has been exposed to the trees for more than a year, his only source of income being the union’s unemployment benefits.

The financial situation of the father of two children has been further aggravated by the homeless house and the ensuing debt trap. Lahtinen and his wife recently bought an idyllic grandmother’s cottage from Lempäälä Kulju for rent. After a few years, the family decided to sell the house.

A creepy surprise was soon revealed.

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The couple who moved into the house said they found mold in the house during the renovation. Lahtinen’s only option was to buy the house back.

– That news kept quiet. However, I am grateful that until the court did not have to go. Both parties were equally embarrassed by the situation, and we got a hand on, Lahtinen says.

Lahtinen demolished the house and built a new detached house in its place. Lahtinen put more than a hundred squares house for sale last year.

Lahtinen built a new house for sale.­

According to the drummer, the debt accumulated enormously. When, in addition to the house trap, Korona hit the purse, the family has had to endure. Lahtinen lives with his wife and two school-age sons in a detached house in Tampere.

– I became unemployed more than a year ago, and since then the account has gone over a thousand euros every month. After all, this delicious situation is not that you owe more than one house. If you could just get to work and the house would go for sale, the direction would turn upwards, Lahtinen says.

– Now it has had to be tightened and there is no need to visit the marsh’s car lane. With hope, we are still moving forward, the good-natured musician says.

Popeda’s latest live gig was last October. The band played a total of seven times last year. Normally there are gigs closer to a hundred a year.­

Own drums for sale

When the money was available, Lahtinen ended up putting his valuable drum kit up for sale. He posted a sales announcement on Facebook in which he asked for 12,000 euros for his goods.

The handmade drums are designed by Lahtinen himself, and Michelangelo’s art has been edited on the drum films. The decision was very difficult for the drummer.

– It was the last thing put up for sale. However, this is my tool, and no one has the same, Lahtinen says.

The fans took it seriously and even planned to raise money so that the musician would not have to give up his instruments. Now it looks like the drums will stay home.

– A few companies have offered to donate money in a sponsorship sense. A message came from the program office that selling can be forgotten for the time being, Lahtinen says.

– I was really surprised when many people posted on Facebook and offered to buy the drums so that they would be available to me. I am very grateful.

New record in progress

Lahtinen admits that after the gigs ended, he was already starting to consider other options for self-employment.

– I’m thinking of further training as an excavator driver. Still, nothing feels the same as band jobs. Yes I am born for the job, he emphasizes.

– I will not go barking at the government, but of course I would like more support for the event industry. Many do not realize how important entertainment and music are in people’s lives.

Popeda at Tammerfeste 2019.­

The drummer believes the cultural sector is still on its feet. The band members have patted each other on the shoulder and the band has gathered in the studio. Lahtinen reveals that Popeda is currently working on new music.

Lahtinen, who also played in the Hanoi Rocks band, also has another band, Transworld Identity, which also includes his wife.

There will be enough excitement for the future. Suomirock’s giant is promised this year Profit from everything arena concert tour. Popeda is scheduled to elevate its home arena, the Male Live Arena, which will be completed in December 2021.

– I would like everyone to stay home for a while now and as many people as possible to get the vaccine to get back to work. Gigs are very missable, Lahtinen emphasizes.

The world situation and financial worries have not made the musician discouraged. The family has plenty of time left, and according to Lahtinen, everyday life rolls comfortably.

– I get along very well with my wife, even though we are at home all the time, Lahtinen laughs.

– I’m a pretty tough guy. Spring is coming and the sun is shining, so positively now only towards the future.

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