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Politicians dissatisfied after questioning the Director General of the Economic Crimes Authority

Chief Prosecutor Stefan Lundberg testified for Assignment review about how he was reassigned after he came with internal criticism of poor working environment and culture of silence at the Swedish Environmental Crime Agency.

– This is based on the Director General. It is a detailed control and a top control and the culture of silence is very widespread, said Stefan Lundberg.

The managers deny reprisals against Stefan Lundberg. But also the information that politicians stopped from meetings with government experts, with reference to the Director – General, has been criticized.


After the review was published, Director General Monica Rodrigo was called to the Justice Committee to explain herself to politicians. But after the hearing, the political criticism remains.

Johan Forssell, legal policy spokesman for the Moderates, says that he is “surprised” that the director general does not want to implement any changes.

– It is important for us, if we want to visit an office or talk to an individual employee, to hear from those who work with a topic so we can get that information unfiltered. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for us to make wise decisions, says Johan Forssell.

“There must be a change”

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The Director General of the Swedish Environmental Crime Agency, Monica Rodrigo, who does not want to appear for an interview, writes in an email to Assignment review:

“My picture is that the working environment is generally good at the authority. The authority obviously receives visits from politicians. Visits are coordinated centrally within the authority in order to be able to take a position on who can best answer the questions. ”

Monica Rodrigo believes that some contact between politicians and officials is okay and says that direct contact can be natural if it is about a specific issue.

But Johan Forssell (M) wants other answers:

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– If all information is to go through people at the top of the management of an organization, then anyone understands that there is a risk that things may be left out. There must be a change in the Swedish Environmental Crime Agency, in one way or another.

Intends to address the situation with the Minister

The Liberals’ member of the Justice Committee, Johan Pehrson, tells Uppdrag review that he will address the situation with the Minister of Justice.

Linda Snecker, a member of the Left Party, believes that it is difficult to have confidence in the Director General at the moment – as she believes that the management at the Swedish Environmental Crime Agency does not take the criticism seriously.

– Swedish authorities must be knowledge-based. You should have many free opinions about how to drive the work forward, says Linda Snecker.

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