Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Police were alerted to several cars playing too loud music

Shortly after 1 o’clock, the night before Sunday, the police were alerted to Mora-noret, where cars playing loud music were parked. When the police arrived at the scene, there was a car left that was rejected from the scene. In connection with this, a man in his 20s was also suspected of violating the knife law.

A few hours later, police were also alerted to Södra Backa in Borlänge, where cars also gathered and played loud music. When the police arrived, they made sure that the young people in the cars left the scene.

No person is suspected of any crime due to the loud music that was played.

May be easier to fine in the future

Right now, a revision of the fines catalog is out for consultation and there The public prosecutor proposes that disturbing music should be classified as annoying behavior, we’ve told you about that before.

– We will see if in that case it will be easier and if it can simplify our work, you have to assess from case to case, says the police spokesperson in the Bergslagen region, Gabriel Henning.

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