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Police suspect: Minor boys took two peers by the side of the road and started violence – another case came to light in the investigation – Domestic

The boys are suspected of aggravated robbery. Two suspects are under the age of 15, one 15.

Police suspect that three underage boys abducted two 15-year-old boys violently last Wednesday in Kannelmäki, Helsinki, near the shopping center, Helsinki police inform.

According to police, they also threatened the victims with a knife. Two of the suspects are under the age of 15 and one has reached the age of 15.

The suspects joined forces with the victims at the knowledge of the Kaare shopping center and told them to walk next to Ring Road I, threatening with a knife. That’s where the violence started. The suspects beat and kicked the victims lying on the ground.

Director of Investigation, Crime Commissioner Marko Forss says some of the kicks hit the victims in the head. Property was confiscated from the victims. The suspects also described the situation on the phone.

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Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy. The other two suspects have not been arrested because they are under 15 years old.

During the preliminary investigation, it became clear to the police that the same three boys should also be suspected of a gross robbery in the same place in February. There were three victims. The pattern was the same as in the March case.

Police do not know who these three victims are. Interested parties or those with knowledge of the subject are requested to contact the youth group during office hours 029 547 1200 or [email protected]

– We also hope that the guardians of teenage boys living in the area will discuss the matter with the children. It is typical that young people are afraid to report such cases to adults and the police. It would be extremely important for us to be informed of these situations so that we can intervene, Forss says in a police statement.

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