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Police search for bomb bombers in Parais – early morning waiting for surprise guests at the plant door – Turku region

The police asked for the help of the citizens and received it from an unexpected party.

Southwest Finland police reported on Wednesday that vandalism has been perpetrated around the center of Parainen in recent days by detonating homemade bottle bombs.

Bottle bombs were detonated between last Thursday and Sunday in the corners of the ice rink and sports field. The damage caused was not large, mostly white spots left on the walls.

However, police recalled that homemade bombs are really dangerous to their detonator and others nearby. The explosion is caused by pressure, producing flammable hydrogen gas and sodium hydroxide. They can splash several meters from the force of pressure.

The police hoped the citizens would report their findings to the Parainen police.

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In the matter there was a sudden turnaround the very next day. The doorbell of the Parainen police station rang immediately after eight on Thursday morning. Behind the door were five young men and their parents. They said they would have a case for the police.

According to police, these 14-year-olds had seen a bulletin issued by police about the bombings being blown up. They wanted to come tell me they had blown them up.

The idea to make it had come from some guy, and it felt like fun. The boys were not meant to cause harm and they had not come to think of the danger of the bombs.

– It was agreed with the young people that they would go to clean up the traces of the bombings. Police thank these young men for their brisk investigation and upright responsibility, the police statement said.

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