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Police: If large numbers of people start to disintegrate, the issue of occupational safety also arises – police have not yet been vaccinated against corona – Domestic

The Helsinki Police Department filed a criminal report for yesterday’s protests against the corona restrictions.

Following protests against the corona restrictions in Helsinki yesterday, the question has arisen as to why the police did not disperse hundreds of people.

Helsinki Police Commander Lasse Aapio raises the issue of occupational safety here.

– If we start to break up the group with great force, then the police have not yet been vaccinated. Of course, there is also a risk of infection, Aapio tells STT.

Chief of Police Seppo Kolehmainen also states by e – mail to BTI that it is problematic from the point of view of occupational safety that police personnel are not vaccinated.

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– The chosen line of the Helsinki Police Department seemed successful in the sense that the demonstration went peacefully without, for example, violence, and that is a good thing. The protest also ended peacefully, Kolehmainen says.

By decision of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland, all public events and general meetings of more than six people are prohibited.

Police consulted with the organizers in advance

The Helsinki Police Department has filed a criminal report for protests against coronary restrictions.

– Tomorrow we will start investigating who has committed crimes, ie violated the restrictions on gatherings, Aapio says.

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According to Aapio, the police sought to promote that everyone be allowed to express and express their opinions on matters.

– That freedom was sought to be exercised in that situation. For some, it went just fine when you look at the crowd from above. There were safety gaps and more. But for the group that was closest to the speaker bowl, the guidelines and regulations currently in place did not materialize, he says.

According to Aapio, the police held preliminary consultations with the organizers of the event. They revealed that there are groups of six and that there may be several of these groups in a large area at the same time.

From the beginning, two separate demonstrations had been reported to the police, but they merged as events progressed.

According to Aapio, there were eventually dozens of reported incidents.

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