Thursday, April 1, 2021
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Plans for undocumented counter for people continue, VVD proposal rejected | NOW

The plans of the Leiden municipal council to set up a counter where undocumented people can go if they need (medical) help can continue. A proposal by the VVD to thwart its establishment, only received support from the CDA.

Leiden is putting 1 tonne into the counter for undocumented migrants now who can no longer go to the bed-bath-bread shelter that was closed in May last year.

The intention was that the refugees who have often been in Leiden for many years would report to the National Immigration Service (LVV) in Rotterdam. In that LVV they would be sheltered for six months, while during that period work had to be done on their return.

The problem is that most of them cannot return to their country of origin. Often they have no papers and cannot prove where they come from.

VVD and CDA believe that the counter is in conflict with the agreements that Leiden made with the government about the cessation of aid to this group. “This counter function and associated facilities will not lead to a faster departure to an LVV, but only invite a longer illegal stay in Leiden,” said VVD councilor Alyssa Voorwald.

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The two parties also believe that the money can be better spent, for example within the social domain.

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