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Piritta Hagman poses on Instagram without twisting the strap – an important message in the background – Entertainment

Piritta Hagman’s groundbreaking update has spawned numerous comments.

There has been a huge debate on social media in recent days about violence against women. Women’s safety became a topic of conversation for a Londoner Sarah Everardin, 33, winged by destiny.

Now an entrepreneur Piritta Hagman has published a picture on his Instagram in which he poses without twisting the leash. In her update, Hagman takes a stand on women’s rights. Pictured on the bed, Hagman, 41, is wrapped in white sheets.

– With or without clothes. At home or outside the home. On dark paths or in the middle of a traffic jam. Harassment, harassment, violence and control of women is time to end, Hagman writes in his update.

She has added “human rights” and “violence against women” as topics.

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The update has spawned numerous comments from Hagman’s followers.

– You’re brave, in every way. Respect!

– Beautiful picture, but even more important message.

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– Wonderful and wonderful you, both inside and out.

Sarah Everard was assassinated on March 3 as she walked home from a friend in Clapham, London. A police officer is charged with the abduction and murder of Everard. Since the fate of women, women around the world have shared their experiences of how they feel insecure when moving alone outdoors.

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Piritta Hagman is known on social media for her weighty statements. In January, Washington riots and Donald Trumpista winged by the ongoing debate, he published a statement on his Instagram. He noted that endangering human rights and human dignity is extremely dangerous.

– Good people can’t be quiet right now. Dictatorial wannabs, racists, fascists, and people who consider themselves superior to others through conspiracy theories are dangerous when they want power and feel that they have a right to endanger the fundamental rights and dignity of others, Hagman wrote.

– We need the good. Superheroes too, but really the world is saved by everyday heroes. Ordinary people. Mothers and fathers who are empathetic and listening to their children show what is right and wrong, respect all people, not just people who look and feel the “right kind” in their own view, he continued.

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Piritta Hagman went public in 2003 when she was crowned Miss Finland’s first legacy princess. Hagman married his ex-spouse, a hockey player Niklas Hagmanin in 2006, but the couple announced their divorce in May 2018.

Piritta and Niklas Hagman live alternately with their children. 13 years old Lukas, 11-year-old Lila and 8 years old Eliana live in the family’s former home in Helsinki, the parents have their own homes elsewhere. Hagmans have said in public that they are still in close proximity despite their resignation.

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