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Pia Lamberg’s life in Los Angeles totally revolutionized – this is the kind of everyday life in America in the midst of a pandemic – Entertainment

Los Angeles-based Pia Lamberg isolated herself at home for nearly a year when the pandemic struck the United States. The garage became a gym and the backyard of the new home a breath hole.

It happened exactly a year ago in Los Angeles, USA: the whole city suddenly caught up due to the pandemic and the Finnish model and former Miss Finland Pia Lamberg missed her open husband Keithin and with his Boba cat stuck in his apartment building in Santa Monica.

– It became perfect for us then lockdown, that is, all the places were closed and we stayed home. I didn’t even go to the grocery store for a long time, but we ordered all the food home, Pia says.

– Now, for the first time, I went to the store in many months. Pretty wild!

There has long been a mask compulsion everywhere.

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– In shops, restaurants, public transportation .. I can’t get to the grocery store if I don’t have a mask.

The pandemic situation on the west coast of America has consistently been much worse than it has ever been in Finland.

– At times, all the hospitals and morgues have been completely full. In the worst of times, the beaches and parks were closed and fenced off, and the walk was only allowed on the street, Pia says.

– The gyms closed, but the outdoor gyms have been open. Restaurants have been closed at times, but now the restaurants ’outdoor terraces have opened, he continues.

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Despite the constraints, the situation has been difficult in many places.

– All contacts are limited, but still the incidence rates of the corona have been really high. For example, after American Thanksgiving, the numbers were again quite shocking when people had met their relatives and friends.

The couple The condominium began to become cramped and distressing during the restrictions, so eventually Pia and Keith rented their own semi-detached house in Playa Del Rey near Santa Monica.

Pia introduces her new home with a video call: the kitchen-living room can be found upstairs with stunning sea views, and downstairs there are two bedrooms.

There is a separate guest house in the yard, where Pia, an open man working in the investment industry, works days while Pia works in the living room.

– It is quite a luxury that now we have our own yard where we can spend time. We have sometimes invited friends to our backyard or we have seen them on the beach, Pia says.

– However, there have been far fewer friends than before. Many have moved or had children and are busy with family. A few of our friends are doctors, so they are really accurate about all appointments.

Pia Lamberg spends a lot of time in the yard of her home and on the nearby beach.­

Also Soon life in Los Angeles used to be really hectic as she did a lot of modeling and studied at the same time as a personal trainer and wellness coach.

Modeling ended almost completely when the pandemic began.

– Fortunately, I had already decided before the pandemic that I wanted to work on well-being. Now I was able to concentrate fully on it, says Pia.

Currently, Pia does online coaching and training live from home, and is watched by both Americans and Finns.

– Live trainings are good because they can motivate people in a completely different way and interact with my clients. I can also give straight tips on the technique so people can do their workouts safely and correctly.

Working from home is perfect for Pia.

– Of course, I was used to working from home before, so this situation is not terribly new to me.

Pia built also have their own gym in the garage of their new home.

– The garage turned out to be so small that it couldn’t even hold a car properly, so I made it a hall for myself. From there, I pull online gymnastics and sometimes I do training videos on the beach.

One of his online trainings goes by the name “California Dream Body”. That’s what Pia himself has, because he’s in top shape.

– During the week, I do nothing but my own live training three times a week. I stay fit with them. Sometimes I also run in the mountains.

Pia Lamberg keeps herself fit by jogging and her work. He pulls online workouts from home.­

One breath hole there have been various nature and wilderness trips in the midst of the pandemic.

Pia and her husband try to make weekend trips to the mountains, where they can move more freely during a pandemic.

In the winter, they made a tent trip to the Grand Canyon, among other places, and decided to visit down the canyon in one day.

– We went to the bottom of the canyon and came back up in eight hours. It was really hot there, and such a trip is not recommended for the less well-off. We prepared well for the trip and luckily we had enough to drink, food and energy gels with us.

The most recent trip was a couple of hours drive to the Big Bear Mountains, where there was a little more snow when they got to the cottage rented from there.

– That’s where the feeling of having to go skiing struck, Pia laughs.

– Yes, those were the very last days when you could ski there, because the heat was already over ten degrees and the snow was all over. But it was still forced to test, even though the conditions were not very ideal.

Big Bear is a favorite destination for Pia, because there she feels like she is at home in Finland.

– We rent a cottage from a cottage village with a lake in the middle and conifers around. It is a very Finnish type of place. Keith rides a mountain bike and I run after him, Pia laughs.

Lamberg strives to make weekend trips with her open husband to the mountains, where you can move more freely during a pandemic.­

Nature and getting around there are important to Lamberg.­

In Finland Pia last visited just before the pandemic started, and she has no idea when she will be able to visit her home communities in Juuka again. He has lived in the United States for nearly a decade, since 2012.

– Fortunately, these video calls have been invented. I often talk to family and friends in sight. We haven’t seen Keith’s parents living on the country’s east coast at all either.

In the past, Pia traveled a lot to work. During the pandemic, Pia would not like to travel, and she has wondered how some of the influencers in Finland have a much lighter attitude towards the pandemic situation.

– I do not understand unnecessary travel – I think it is irresponsible. When others try to do their best and blow into one coal, the action of some feels like a leper. It could be inferred from the lives of some that they are living their lives completely normally.

Pia emphasizes that she thinks about the common good in all her activities, and she also wants to be exemplary in Some.

– This is mentally heavy for everyone when you have to be so much at home. Yes, even here you will notice that part of the crew is already tired of all this.

Pia points outthat the year has been burdensome in many other ways in the United States.

– There were presidential elections and the protests that followed .. this has been quite a year.

A year ago, there were also rampant forest fires in Los Angeles, which also restricted movement in the Soon neighborhood.

However, Pia believes that there has also been something good in this special time.

– I’m trying to take this time the good things and the different possibilities of use, and I’ve already done a lot of positive things that I would otherwise have done, Pia says.

– Above all, the most important finding has again been that exercise helps every time you are anxious. It gives good energy and boost to the day.

Photographer Dylan Perlot, stylist Oretta Corbelli, clothing Particle Fever and Brooklyn PR.

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