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Physiotherapist spoke about postcoid syndrome – RT in Russian

Physiotherapist, exercise therapy doctor Vera Krivolapova spoke about postcoid syndrome.

“It is impossible to say that postcoid syndrome is a set of items that is characteristic of every person who has had a history of illness. At the appointment, as a doctor of restorative medicine, I hear a variety of complaints that significantly affect the quality of life of patients, ”she said in an interview with FAN.

Among the most common symptoms are impaired respiratory function, muscle and joint pain, fear, anxiety, depression, fatigue syndrome, sleep disturbances, and skin problems.

According to Krivolapova, recovery from the postponed COVID-19 is necessary for everyone, even those who have been ill in a mild form.

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“Visit a doctor, find out what breathing exercises can and should be done. Take a course of massage and physical therapy if there are no contraindications. Walk a lot in the fresh air, ”she advised.

Earlier, the former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, State Duma deputy Gennady Onishchenko, in an interview with the NSN, commented on the situation with the pandemic in the world.

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