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Pere Aragons is defeated in the second round and the countdown to other elections begins

It only achieves the support of the CUP

Tuesday, March 30, 2021 – 2:35 PM

The ERC candidate castles himself before Puigdemont and demands that he govern Catalonia “without tutelage”, while the fugitive insists on leading the procs

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Pere Aragons speaks in Parliament.

  • Negotiation.

    Carles Puigdemont shakes the scare of the repeat election in Catalonia

Knowing that the Parliament was going to be defeated again, Pere Aragons has used the second – and also unsuccessful – investiture session to castling before the demand of Carles Puigdemont to pilot the procs from Waterloo. The ERC candidate has warned the fugitive not to accept substitutions or tutelage in exchange for JxCat’s support for his election, no matter how much today he has condemned him again and thus has activated the countdown towards electoral repetition. After only collecting again the votes of the CUP -which has made him the presidential candidate with the least support in the history of Catalonia- Aragons now has two months to be anointed, otherwise a new regional elections will be called automatically on the 26th of December. May and will be held in mid-July.

As Aragons continues to reject the nuclear requirement of the neoconvergents, who claim to bifucate institutional power in Catalonia, handing over the baton of the separatist cause to the Consell for the Republic, chaired by Puigdemont from Waterloo, and reserving to Aragons the role of mere manager of autonomy.

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ERC did not object to the presidency of the Generalitat being assumed by a vicar like Quim Torra during the last legislature, but now that the elections have granted him the right to hold it, the Republicans refuse to reproduce that formula of vassalage towards Puigdemont. ERC understands that the status of legitimate president of Catalonia for having organized the 1-O and unilaterally declared an independence without legal effects expired on 14-F.

Aragons has clearly defended that the presidency of the Generalitat is non-delegable and irreplaceable to dilute the expectations of JxCat, which on Monday urged the ERC president to take advantage of this sterile second investiture session to amend last Friday’s speech and convince Puigdemont of who is willing to give his arm to twist.

Just the opposite has happened. The most voted pro-independence candidate in the autonomic elections has not only refused to accept the conditions of the fugitive, but has once again thanked the CUP for the commitment to the governance of Catalonia, while blaming JxCat for favoring the blockade in the midst of the pandemic.

We cannot even present a Budget for the crisis situation the country is experiencing. We have been in interim for too many months, the Republican has made JxCat ugly, to later appeal to his responsibility before an exhausted citizen and urge her not to consume the two months established by law so that new elections are automatically called to reach a pact that facilitates his inauguration and launch a new separatist Executive.

JxCat: “The independence movement does not have too much leadership”

The pressures are not good travel companions, JxCat has countered ERC in the mouth of its spokesperson, Gemma Geis, who has denied that the pandemic urgency forces to accelerate the pact, taking into account that secessionism had planned to delay the elections to May and the formation of the Government to July until the courts prevented it.

Independence has no leadership to spare. Be brave, recognize that you have 33 deputies and not 68, the spokeswoman for Puigdemont continued to ratify that the investiture is converted into a puslo between the fugitive and Oriol Junqueras impossible to solve in the short term.

Geis has assured that his party does not want to shake the scarecrow of electoral repetition, nor does it question who is the candidate, while asking ERC to take over the JxCat program. No one will impose guardianships on him from exile. His presidency and the action of governing will remain outside the collegiate leadership of the independence movement, the JxCat spokesperson has argued, brandishing a tricky reasoning, because de facto with this she has recognized that they only expect Aragons to preside over the Generalitat while Puigdemont idea from Belgium the new insurrectional plan against the State far from the reach of the Spanish Justice and determines when the negotiation with the Government of Pedro Sánchez should end to resume the unilateral path towards secession.

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