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Pere Aragons asks to be invested to drag the State to a new referendum

The ERC candidate attends without support

Friday, March 26, 2021 – 13:00

It demands that JxCat overcome “mistrust” to move towards “the Catalan republic with full national recognition” through the dialogue table with the Government of Sanchez

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The ERC candidate, Pere Aragons.

Pere Aragons has gone defeated to an investiture plenary session that has already been born failed by the refusal of Carles Puigdemont to disappear from the Catalan political map after losing the 14-F. But, far from offering the fugitive a leading role in the legislature in exchange for his support, the ERC candidate has tried to drag him onto the roadmap of Oriol Junqueras, the one that is committed to negotiating until exhaustion a new referendum with the State.

The solution passes through a referendum. We want a referendum. It is time for Catalonia to advance again with great consensus, Aragons has proclaimed, appealing to that now defunct independence unit that led to 1-O. The ERC candidate has called on JxCat to overcome mistrust to avoid the blockade and move towards the Catalan republic with full national recognition. A tireless work for the freedom of the prisoners and the return of the exiles and for self-determination, promised Aragons, without offering Puigdemont the political direction of the cause, the only requirement that the former president demands to go from abstention to yes.

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Instead, Aragons has vindicated the federalism of Maragall and the validity of that dialogue table with the Government that JxCat so repudiates, without even being able to offer the certainty that it will conclude with a satisfactory result for secessionism. The Republican candidate for the Executive of Pedro Sanchez immediately reactivate the forum and come up with a proposal to resolve the conflict and then initiate a negotiation that leads to a vote on the self-determination of Catalonia, as already contained in the investiture pact of Sanchez.

I cannot guarantee that we will succeed, but the alternative is to continue blocked and walking in circles, the ERC president has resolved, in an appeal that will hardly serve to convince JxCat to support his investiture in the next investiture session, scheduled for the next Tuesday.

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