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people from neighboring countries flock to get vaccinated



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Serbia has offered, since Friday March 26, the inhabitants of its neighboring countries to benefit from the vaccine against the Covid-19 free of charge.
While several European states are facing problems with the supply of doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, Serbia is leading a massive, unconditional and free campaign. Since Friday March 26, the country has even offered its neighbors to come and be vaccinated on its soil. The inhabitants of Bosnia-Herzegovina, North Macedonia or Montenegro can therefore benefit from it. The leaders of the states concerned see it as a diplomatic weapon, but it does not matter for many of their nationals, who have seized this opportunity.

And so there was a crowd, Saturday March 27, in the parking lot of a vaccination center in Belgrade. “We don’t have a vaccine at home, and we’re lucky to find it here,” admits a North Macedonian present on the spot. This operation is also aimed at migrants settled in a neighboring camp. 500 of them were able to receive a dose. In all, nearly 10,000 injections were administered by Serbia over the weekend.

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