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Pelicans reset the league top in the SM League – “Maybe Luko’s style of play is right for us” – SM League

The Pelicans won the Lock in Thursday’s only SM league match.

Pelicansin going in the Finnish Championship League has been wavy lately, but the course for the people of Lahti turned handsomely on Thursday with the top team Lock reset. The Pelicans became the first club of the season to leave the Rauma team twice to zero with a home win of 3-0.

The home team hero had scored two goals in the same match for the first time in his league career as the centerpiece of the four-chain Sakke Hämäläinen (2 + 0). In the second season, Hämäläinen, 22, from Heinola, who was chosen as the best player in the A-youth main series, raised his stock exchange score to 8 + 12.

– Our performance was intact. We stayed on the puck and controlled the game. Maybe Luko’s style of play suits us, Hämäläinen glowed.

Hämäläinen and his winger Frank Gymer and Artturi Toivola won their 15-minute playing time with a tie 2-0. During the goals behind the chain were a pair of packs Casimir Juergens and two hits to the entry point logged Niclas Almari (0+2).

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Pelicans ’goal is to squeeze into the top spruce of the regular season for a straight semi-final spot. Thursday’s victory also mathematically meant securing the playoffs, ie ranking in the top ten.

The lock could reach as the only team of the season to a full 60-match regular season. However, Rauma’s points bag has accumulated by only six extra points during the last seven matches.

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