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Pedro Snchez: “We must prevent Madrid from being the first region in Europe to be ruled by the ultras”

Saturday, March 27, 2021 – 14:00

The President of the Government fuels fear of Vox as they are part of the autonomous Executive of Isabel Daz Ayuso

Pedro Snchez and ngel Gabilondo, at an electoral event in Madrid.

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    Iglesias justifies his candidacy in Madrid to end the last “trench” that resists the “coalition government”

On February 10, 2019, the photo of Pablo Casado, Albert Rivera and Santiago Abascal, in Madrid’s Plaza de Coln, and their mutual conspiracy against Pedro Sanchez, served the advisers of the President of the Government to raise the campaign of the general elections of April as a warning of the rise of the “ultra-right” of Vox, in the company of PP and Citizens.

The agreement in Andalusian, where Abascal’s party was essential to carry out the coalition Executive of popular and oranges, was the seed. Now, before the Madrid elections on May 4, the group of Moncloa directed by the chief of staff of Sánchez, Ivn Round, raises a further twist to the possibility that Vox is part of the Government of Isabel Daz Ayuso. A possibility that Vox feeds and that the national leadership of the PP strives to deny

But once again the threat, in this case that they occupy councilors, becomes the axis of the socialist campaign. The message was launched this Saturday in the act of presentation of the first 10 positions of the candidacy that Snchez has starred together with the candidate Angel Gabilondo, number two on the list, Hana Halloul, current Secretary of State for Migration, and the three, Pilar Llop, President of the Senate, and the Secretary General of the PSM, Jos Manuel Franco.

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The president has assured that “the PP and Vox want to form the Government of the Plaza de Coln”. It is no longer a question of “Coln’s photo”, but rather that the PP intends to complete “its extremist turn with the coalition with the extreme right.”

“Madrid does not need that, but a serious government, which is what it has not had these two years.” “What is being proposed is a swerve to the extreme right, in the midst of the worst health, economic and social situation in recent years.”

This idea has been central in his speech and he has reiterated it at various times. “We must avoid with our vote that the Madrid’s community jump to the international news as the first region of Europe ruled by the ultras. “And that, he said, can only be achieved by betting on Gabilondo because, although – in reference to Pablo Iglesias Already United We Can – there will be those who demand “a certain leftist purity”, the PSOE is “the only party that can make it possible.”

To the need to stop Vox, the president and general secretary of the PSOE has offered two more arguments to end Ayuso. His “capricious management” of the pandemic, in which “he has faced everyone, including other governments popular“, and the need for Madrid to transform itself with European funds, which means that” it cannot afford a perpetual confrontation. ”

Along these lines, Gabilondo has stressed that a government is necessary that, “in tune with territorial agreements, puts an end to the systematic shame of being leaders against the pandemic.”

Both have begun their intervention defending the candidacy, which has raised blisters in the PSM due to the excessive influence of Moncloa. “It is the visible face of a proposal that transcends an organization, which aspires to represent Madrid society,” said the candidate. Snchez has affirmed that the PSOE is “one of the main parties of the European social democracy that governs”. And, if it does, it is because they have “known” to renew themselves. “We have not fallen into complacency and that means renewing the teams as well.”

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