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Patrice Talon in active campaign for his re-election

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                The campaign for the April 11 presidential election kicked off this Friday in Benin.  Faced with outgoing president Patrice Talon, no strong opponent.  Major opposition figures have been disqualified by the Autonomous National Electoral Commission (Cena) and the Constitutional Court.  A vote for which Patrice Talon leads, despite everything a very active campaign on the ground.

                                    <p><em>With our correspondent in Cotonou,</em> <strong>Jean-Luc Aplogan</strong>

The posters have flourished, but the offer is small, there are only three candidates and their running mates. Today’s poster is the result of political reforms by Patrice Talon, described as anti-democratic by his opposition. There is no Sébastien Adjavon and no candidate from the Democrats, Boni Yayi’s party.

Outgoing president aims for first-round victory

This start of the campaign is dominated by the blue wave, the color of the presidential candidate who goes from meeting to meeting, Cotonou on Friday and the north of the country this weekend. Ministers, deputies, allies and supporters are mobilized with the slogan: “ Talon, KO », That is to say, a victory in the first round.

Opposite, things are organized by small touches for the two duos, accused of being stooges of Patrice Talon.

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At the launch of his campaign, the FCBE candidate, Allassane Djemba is forced to defend himself. “ We are against breaking up. We, FCBE, are against Patrice Talon. We, FCBE, want to replace Patrice Talon “. He asks voters not to boycott the ballot.

According to observers Patrice Talon is running after a good turnout, which is why he is leading this big campaign. One reaction from his opponents for the moment, Candide Azanai is delighted to have quickly resigned from his government.

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