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Patient “Anna” critical of reorganization of Asta clinic – met his perpetrators in the waiting room

“Anna”, who is actually called something else, lives with a protected identity after being a victim of sexual violence and human trafficking. For several years, she was locked around in various parts of psychiatry without either getting better or succeeding in getting out of the violence. That was until she came to the Asta reception.

– As a patient, I always felt safe when I was there. The staff knew who I was and my situation, says “Anna”.

Missing his team

With the support from Asta, she managed to free herself from the violence and last autumn she and the team had made a plan for how she could move on. The goal was, and is, for her to hold her perpetrators accountable. But that goal now feels very far away. The reorganization meant a major setback and she describes it as a personal crisis.

“Anna” says that her new care plan has been hacked and that instead of having a team that supports her, she now only has her trauma therapist. When she asks for more support, she just gets no.

Meets his perpetrators in the waiting room

The move of the reception to the hospital’s premises also means that she never knows who she will encounter and she has met her perpetrators in the waiting room.

– It is something that the managers know about but they do nothing about it, says “Anna”.

It should be safe to visit psychiatry

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When SVT talks to operations manager Sara Oscarsson Hannuksela, she does not know that patients have met people who exposed them to crime in the waiting room for the new reception. She emphasizes that there are patients in all psychiatric units who have experience of sexual violence, not just in the Asta clinic, and that there is always a risk that you may encounter a perpetrator.

– You can risk meeting your perpetrator at the store or the bus or similar. But I have not seen, or been told, that this is a problem that often arises.

Sara Oscarsson Hannuksela emphasizes that it is important to feel safe when visiting psychiatry. She understands that it is a revolutionary time for patients who have received new therapists, but believes that there is a treatment plan for everyone and that there is a broad competence in the new team.

Hear “Anna’s” story in the video above.

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