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Home Sport Parvelan Retu returning from a break is aiming for Suur-Hollola
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Parvelan Retu returning from a break is aiming for Suur-Hollola

Parvelan Retu returning from break aims for Suur-Hollola – Kuninkuusravit not yet in sight

Parvela Reto’s 2020 season was loss-making, with top talent winning all nine of their starts, including Derby, Varsakunku, Satakunta Senior and Pikkukunku. The account was accumulated in the amount of 117,500 euros and increased the profit amount to more than 280,000 euros.TODDLER Retu Saturday Teivossa makes its debut during the 2021 half-year paussilta. Coach Petri Laine according to the workout break has gone great.

– The winter has gone according to plan and the trainings have been completed as desired. Very much the same steps have been taken as last winter, with the difference that there has been a better snow situation this winter, Laine compares.

Laine has competed Parvela Reto sensibly. Big races have been run and cat crosses have been kept in the back left. Winter breaks have been long enough for recovery and preparation for the new season.

Tough Laine is not driving before the start, and aiming for Saturday’s start is no exception.

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– I have once been on the track driving through 33-speed, which is harder than before when the break is back. A year ago, Parvelan Retu went surprisingly hard in the first race, underscoring the fact that it doesn’t need bigger dusting even a break.

ONE Parvelan Retu’s very few weaknesses have been too enthusiastic about the start. The bags have been the result of the head being pulled more than the feet.

– At the beginning the horse is eager and the head takes stronger than the feet. There may be a degree of enthusiasm when the break is behind, but watch in peace and close your ears if necessary. The starting point is good when no one starts from the outside. Hannu will probably take the start for sure, and after the first 10-20 meters the stallion can go down.

Parvelan Retu has not been picky about the circumstances. Hockey is on Saturday at Lakos Team Ayowned by stallion below.

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– All the conditions are right. We go for a hockey when the orchards at home have been on some ice. Last summer, the horse ran hockey behind because of the jumping stuff and only from August was the summer balance below. It hasn’t had a terrible significance yet, but of course it’s better to run big hard on a summer balance.

The duo, which competes from Orivesi, is seeking 26 career wins in the 27th race of the career. Opposite is e.g. tough competitor Stallone and Suven Velvet made a good rise on the mares side.

Hannu Torvinen can be seen in the direction of Parvela Retu.

– It’s nice to go to a race place with a horse like this and wait for the start. Parvelan Retu has been such a confident performer that I guess it will be watched with success even after a break.

ABOUT THE FUTURE The wave opens up so much that the Kings of the Kings are missed. The encounter with the open series horses is ahead in the opening round of Greater Hollola.

– It is unlikely that you will go to the royal ravines when a six-year start is planned for the kunkkar friday. I guess we don’t drive it. Suur-Hollola is probably on the horizon, and that is where we will have to face the best. On the spring side, there are comfortable 6-year starts, and there is no need to face an open series of horses before the Suur-Hollola qualifiers.

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