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Participants in the “traditional days”: We love to live surrounded by beautiful things – our life – culture

“We love to live surrounded by beautiful things. The multitude of colors in our costumes, homes and streets expresses our long history in which our cultural fabric, cultures and heritage of different peoples have been imbibed, and we are here to celebrate this diversity.” With these words, the participants from the Republic of Kazakhstan, which is a distinguished guest at events, explained The 18th edition of Sharjah Heritage Days is the secret of their attachment to the colors that adorn their clothes and handicrafts displayed in their own pavilion.

The visitor to the pavilion and the viewer of the traditional artistic performances at its entrance feels as if a bridge resembles a rainbow with its rich and varied colors extending between the two Arab civilizations from the heart of Sharjah, vibrant with history and Kazakh, extending in its roots to 3000 years ago.

The Kazakhstan pavilion in the Heritage Square in the heart of Sharjah always sounds with music and folk dance decorated with colors, and tells detailed stories for visitors who come to the activities of the days. They are used in them, and stories that narrate the aesthetics of the Kazakh house, and explain the reason for adopting the geometry of domes in buildings and rounded corners and ribs that exceed four in many buildings, and tales that talk about marriage customs, national occasions, hunting and agricultural rituals, sports and popular food and the roots of their inception.

“Land of wanderers” is the Arabic meaning of the name of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The word “Kaz” means wandering, and “Stan” means place or land. Its inhabitants speak two main languages, Kazakh, which is one of the Turkish languages, and the Russian language. As for its heritage, it speaks the languages ​​of all those who passed through its land. Or they stayed on it or sold and bought from its good and from the product of the work of its children. The Kazakh population consists of diverse ethnic groups, but this diversity is not the only reason for the richness and beauty of the Kazakh heritage, as the passage of the Silk Road, the ancient international trade line from its lands, transferred to it many customs, cultures, knowledge and sciences, which were carried by merchants, explorers and travelers and they traveled with it. Between Venice in Italy, the western terminus of the Silk Road, to its eastern terminus, which is the Chinese city of Xi’an.

The land of hikers

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In front of the pavilion “Land of the Wanderers”, which will continue until April 10 in the “Heart of Sharjah”, within the activities of Sharjah Heritage Days, the visitor does not stop discovering the details of the civilization of a people who mastered a lot of arts, the first of which is the art of standing tall and smiling warmly and welcoming, and paying attention to the questions of those wishing to know its history And his heritage and civilization.

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