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Parliamentary consideration of movement restrictions will stretch over Easter – Finland

The first plenary session, where restrictions on movement could even be addressed in theory, is on the Tuesday after Easter.

The law on movement restrictions will not be passed by Parliament before Easter. Parliament is debating a bill today on the basis of which it is planned to impose movement restrictions on the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Turku in order to curb the corona epidemic.

The proposal will be discussed in committee for at least three days, after which the proposal must be discussed in two plenary sessions of Parliament, with two days in between. The next part-session, at which the motion could possibly be discussed, will not take place until the Tuesday after Easter.

Once approved by Parliament, the law still needs the approval of the President, and only then can the government issue a decree that could impose movement restrictions.

An exceptional session on Sunday

After today’s referral discussion, the matter will continue to be discussed in the parliamentary committees. One of the committees – most likely the Committee on Constitutional Affairs – will report on the proposal, on the basis of which the matter will be decided in plenary after Easter.

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Parliament was originally scheduled to take a part-session break over Easter today, but due to the corona rushes, Parliament will have to convene with the planned part-session the day after tomorrow, Sunday, which is very exceptional. On Sunday, Parliament will discuss at least the operating restrictions of restaurants, for which the law expires on Sunday.

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