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“Parenting a child with autism is a daily struggle”

Elizabeth Tchoungui, director of the documentary “Autism, my child my battle”, at franceinfo on March 30, 2021 (FRANCEINFO / RADIO FRANCE)

In France, 700,000 people have autism. One in 100 children are born with this disorder. This is the case of Alexandre, 12 years old, the son of Elizabeth Tchoungui who had already recounted his fight in the book The day you were born a second time. For the documentary Autism, my child my battle, she brings witness to families who, like her, fight on a daily basis so that their child is not condemned to live on the margins of society.

The first shock is the announcement of the diagnosis, sometimes very violent: “I was told that my son had autism because my childbirth had gone badly! It is a double penalty for the mothers, who are made to feel guilty, and especially this approach delays the diagnosis..”

The sooner a child is diagnosed, the sooner he is taken care of, the greater his chances of progress and autonomy.

Elizabeth Tchoungui

to franceinfo

Because there are methods to help these children interact with others: “These are behavioral and developmental therapies. It works but it is not applied in France. The scandal is there: the children literally string pearls in centers, we occupy them but we do not help them to compensate for their communication handicap.“For lack of suitable structures and trained medical staff, parents find themselves forced to place their children abroad, especially in Belgium. And it is French social security that reimburses …

It is for them that I wanted to make this film: being the parent of an autistic child is a daily struggle, it is a lot of isolation, the feeling of being mistreated by a system that should help them. . I wanted to salute their courage “, says Elizabeth Tchoungui.

His film also shows that autism does not necessarily prevent you from finding your place in the world of work: “There are engineers with autism in Silicon Valley or in the Israeli military. Unfortunately, 95% of autistic adults able to work are now unemployed.”

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